Emma Fordyce MacRae

New England Beach

Emma Fordyce MacRae - Cape Ann Landscapes

New England Beach

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Route 127 or Washington Street as it is called continues alongside Ipswich Bay.  Lanesville and Lanes Cove have changed since Emma painted the New England Beach, Lanesville landscape sitting on the dock looking across the beach to Duley Street. 

Once Emma found her style she continued with her distinctive method of painting as here in New England Beach, Lanesville.  She has built up the reflection in the water of the boat and the onlookers and added texture to the sea with some colors scraped back and others added to achieve distinct picture planes.

No one in her immediate family was an artist.  Her father John Addison Fordyce, a dermatologist, came from the mid-west to New York and her mother had grown up in the city having been raised by her grandfather, Thompson Dean, a colourful investor and owner of steamboats on the Mississippi.  The family lived on the west side of New York City.

The harbour and its docks remain today.  

New England Beach
Oil painting
New England Landscape
Exhibited: Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA, Page 22 catalogue
Emma Fordyce MacRae 1887-1974