Emma Fordyce MacRae

Painting at Pigeon Cove

Emma Fordyce MacRae - Cape Ann Landscapes

Pigeon Cove

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Painting at Pigeon Cove is a tranquil landscape and again Emma has built up and taken back her colors from the gesso white under paint and has painted herself with her easel and box of paints set up on the dock capturing the view across the harbor with the boats and granite walls to the Church with the small red roof over the belfry.  Emma also painted a small oil painting of her second husband Homer standing on a dock.

Pigeon Cove seems to have been Emma’s favourite harbor and she painted it several times.  One oil painting is at the  National Academy of Design on Fifth Avenue in New York and another hangs at the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester, M.A.

From here it is a short drive to the center of Rockport.

Painting at Pigeon Cove
Oil painting
New England Landscape
Emma Fordyce MacRae  1887 - 1974